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This Photog Is Using Drones For The Flash Photography




Chinese photographer Fuyan Liu is using drones for the flash photography. We all know that it is not possible (at least yet) to synchronize the drone camera with flash, but the girl who is passionate about aerial photography found another way to use drones with flash.

As simple as it might sound she just hung a flash on an Inspire 2 instead of X4S or X5S camera.
drones with flash

Why not just use regular stands would you ask? There are few reasons why:
1. Drone with flash can give you an unlimited amount of angles and distances
2. Drones can go where the regular flash stands can not (see the video below).
3. You can charge your customers more, just because of how cool, sophisticated and professional your work process looks.

See the flash drones in use:

Technically speaking, the drone is not connected with flash at all. Radio trigger lets the flash fire once the photographer presses the shutter button.

drone with flash

The advantages of the drones with flash are pretty clear, but what about disadvantages?
There are few of them:
1. Drones are more expensive than regular stands (obviously)
2. Drones have limited flight time. Don’t expect Inspire 2 with flash to fly any longer than 20 minutes.
3. You would need assistant pilots to control the drone safely, which means not only the quality but also the cost of photo shoot will go up.

drone flash

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