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Phavic Conversion Kit: Turn Your Phantom 3 Into A Mavic Like Drone




Your DJI Phantom 3 can now be converted to a DJI Mavic like quadcopter with the “Phavic conversion kit. This drone kit was covered by WeTalkUAV back in January, but the kit is now officially available. If you have a damaged Phantom 3 or if you wish to have a more stable quadcopter, then this kit is something to consider.

The Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced, and Professional drones are all supported by the new conversion kit. The Phavic kit comes with a new body whose arms fold in like a DJI Mavic, so it is slightly more portable than the stock Phantom 3. Before you buy this kit, make sure you are willing to disassemble your Phantom 3. Also, be warned that doing this conversion will void any warranty with DJI. You will need to know how to solder and follow directions because it might take a few hours to fully convert the Phantom 3.drone conversion kit

Phavic Difference

The shell is about 143 grams heavier, but it is insanely durable! You don’t have to worry about getting cracks or breaking your drone because the Phavic shell is tough; it stayed in one piece even after a car ran it over. The flight time does decrease with this kit; you can expect about 15-16 minute flights with the stock battery according to a user review on YouTube. Just like with any drone, flying it aggressively will reduce the total flight time, so that may have been a factor. You can run a dual battery mod with the shell, but the batteries have also been reported to reach higher temperatures. The Phavic will also change the way the Phantom 3 flies since it is more DJI Mavic like, and you can still hand catch it. It is also quieter and more stable in flight compared to a stock Phantom 3.DJI Phantom 3 ap to mavic

What Comes With the Phavic Conversion Kit?

A new Phantom 3 to Mavic frame, screws, soldering iron, needle nose pliers, solder wire, tweezers, cross screwdriver, and wire accessories will come with the kit. Some early buyers reported that there were no instructions included, but you can easily watch this tutorial video. This video will show you how to disassemble your Phantom 3, and it also includes how to make the conversion step by step:

About The Company / Where to Buy

The company that designed the Phavic conversion kit goes by Yushangjingling, and they are based in China. Their official website is in Chinese, but you can order their product directly from this official link on Alibaba.

dji phantom3 to mavic tools

How Much Does The Phavic Cost?

If you get it directly from the official link, a unit will cost $49, and it costs less if you buy in bulk. Some 3rd party sites like Snapgiz will sell the kit for $98 but get it directly from China to save some cash. If you order it straight from the company, ask them about their custom skins that they offer.

Phavic Cost

Phavic Concept To Official

The official conversion kit is slightly different that the concept idea that was revealed back in January. Instead of being released for $43.62, the company is selling their product at $49. The shell also stayed the same; instead of making it an alloy, plastic was used in the final product. They also previously claimed that the converted drone can only go about 30 mph. The Phavic flies faster than the stock Phantom 3 and may demand more power, hence the hotter batteries and shorter flight time.

Is It Worth It?

If you have the time and patience to learn how to modify your Phantom 3, then doing this conversion may be worthwhile. If you have absolutely no background in any electronics and your drone is perfectly fine, then you might consider passing up on this kit. The Phavic conversion is a complete modification, so results may vary. There are some risks with this conversion, but it will definitely bring new life to your Phantom 3 if you do it properly.


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