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Phantom 4 Wind Tunnel Test! Crash In 150 km/h Hurricane




Ever wonder what a Drone’s worst nightmare is? Is it an electromagnetic field? How about an ill-conceived firmware update? In fact, the worst nightmare for any drone is to meet Casey Neistat! And now Unbox Therapy too, because Lewis has performed a Phantom 4 Wind tunnel test!

A sacrificial Phantom is thrown into the wind tunnel. Still, at 30 kilometers per hour, the Phantom is holding its own and only starts to struggle at 50 km/h. No spoilers brought in for this as we don’t want to spoil the good time.  But you can see where the threshold goes for this.

Let’s just say, very windy, no good. Don’t fly when the winds are hardcore. I recently did this with a Mavic and the drift was pretty hardcore. I landed my Mavic quick so no problems there. Of course, it is hard for me to just consider wind because the truth be told, I love flying the Mavic.

Even without Phantom 4 wind tunnel test, it’s a well-known fact that P4 is much stronger craft though then the Mavic. The sensors keep this aircraft more on balance and the weight truly makes a difference. 

We like watching other people put their drones through what we do not have the luxury to do. The moral of the story: Phantom 4 is quite resilient. 


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