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Phantom 4 Pro Review- All you need to know!




Starting from the times Phantom 1 all the way up to today, Phantom series drones were the most popular along the consumer lever ready to fly drones. In the middle of November 2016 DJI announced a new member of the Phantom family. So today we are making Phantom 4 Pro review!

Watch Phantom 4 Pro Review Video:

If you are still hesitating whether you should buy a Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro you can see the main difference over here:

Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro

Here are some things you need to know before buying Phantom 4 Pro:

  • The batteries for Phantom 4 Pro are 5870 Mah, however for Phantom 4 it’s different: 5350 Mah which explains why the flight time of P4P is longer. However, what is surprising is that both kinds of batteries can be used on both drones.
  • You can buy Phantom 4 Pro without built in super bright 5.5 inch Full HD display for $1799 or get a version with standard RC and save $300.
  • Another bonus with this release is you don’t really need ND Filters for Phantom 4 Pro camera because you simply can change an aperture.
  • Some intelligent flight modes like Profile Active Track, Draw Mode and Gesture mode probably will be coming to Phantom 4 with firmware upgrades in upcoming 3-4 months.
  • Yes, Phantom 4 Pro will be cheaper one day in the same way that a release of a Phantom 5 or another drone will have more advanced technology by that time.
  • There is no other drone on a market that is more advanced that Phantom 4 Pro in this price range. Or at least not the one I know.

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