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Phantom 4 PRO -Computer Vision Test- VIDEO




You might already know the Hey Drones team Chinese folks that put the drones to some of the craziest and tough tests you’ve ever seen. So today they have something special for us! It is not a surprise that currently Phantom 4 Pro is arguably the best drone you can buy. But let’s see how will it stand up against all those hard tests.

If you want to go a little bit deeper and find out what are the differences between Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro, please check out this post and our recent video that tells about all major differences between Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 PRO.

Thoughts on Phantom 4 PRO

Phantom 4 Pro motor

Photo by Alex Assenmacher/We Talk UAV

Phantom 4 PRO is an incredible machine. And I still wonder why DJI didn’t call it Phantom 5. Apple made slightly improved iPhone with the same design and made it look like a whole new generation, that made people a little bit disappointed. Unlike the Apple, DJI appeared to be a very modest company and didn’t make a big deal out of the products name, but made really big deal out of its specs and performance.

Should I upgrade? 

It depends. If you need a better camera and 360° obstacle avoidance, then yes! If you are not really a pro photographer and social media level sharing is more than enough to satisfy your needs, the you’d better go for DJI Mavic. Mavic is cheaper, lighter, smaller and has all the features of Phantom 4.

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