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Paranoid neighbor calls police on drone pilot and gets told to “just leave them alone!”




Flying drones in populated areas can bring privacy concerns and sometimes fear, even when drone flights are legitimately handled by professionals. Misinformation about where to fly drones have often resulted in situations that get way out of hand. Most of the time, drone pilots are the ones who get wrongfully targeted, but this rare video by YouTuber AeroEyez shows how respect and a composed demeanor can result in sweet justice:

In the video, a neighboring bystander harassed the certified drone pilot who was out flying a drone to create an ortho mosaic map for a construction company in Seal Beach, California. The neighbor first approached the drone pilot with explicit words and then called the police. After about four minutes, the police showed up, and the neighbor explained the situation.


AeroEyez’s description from the beginning of his video.


“I felt like he was invading my privacy,” said the neighbor to the police.

drone pilot

Video screenshot shows neighbor arguing with AeroEyez. The drone pilot professionally handled the situation, even when he was being harassed.

The police then said, “If they’re doing business, just leave them alone.”

Snapshot from AeroEyez’s video shows the moment the police tells the neighbor to leave the drone pilot alone.

The neighbor then attempted to get the drone pilot’s contact information, but the police told him once again to just leave him alone, so the man just walked away.

Shining example of how to act as a drone pilot

AeroEyez’s actions can be used as an example on how to properly handle a situation where a drone pilot gets wrongfully blamed. First off, the neighbor walked up to the drone pilot in a rude manner, so the drone pilot could have also reacted in a rude manner, yet AeroEyez kept his composure and replied with nothing but respect. Once the officer arrived and found out that the drone pilot was hired to fly, he de-escalated the situation and told the pestering neighbor to basically go away.

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