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Panther Drone: The Air And Ground Commercial Delivery System




The Panther drone is an autonomous air and ground “robot” that can be used for delivery and surveillance. The FAA has considered the Panther as a small Unmanned Aerial System. Advanced Tactics is the company that is responsible for creating this, and they were founded in 2007. They have specialized in military applications, but now they are releasing a drone for the general public.

What Can It Do?  

The Panther drone can deliver packages of up to 10 lbs, but one of their videos has shown it to be capable of up to 15 lbs. It can fly to an inaccessible area and drive like an RC truck on rough terrain. Biological sampling, medical supply deliveries, environmental assessments, and geological surveys are some of its highlight functions. All the other capabilities featured on their site are similar to what other drones can already do like building inspections and helicopter-like flights.

Panther Drone

The Panther drone can be ordered with custom configurations


It weights 44lbs. It’s 13.5 inches tall and 44 inches in length. It comes stock with a two-wheel drive system, so the 4 wheel drive is optional. The Panther drone can fly up to 50 mph, and its grounded speed is rated at 5 mph. It can drive up to 10 miles away. The hover time is good for up to 5-10 minutes. According to their site, this will come with a programmable flight control system that can load autonomous flight plans.

transformer suas Panther Drone

Panther Drone


Price & How to Order The Panther Drone:

For a limited time, the Panther drone is on sale for $2495.00. This price is limited to the first 200 customers, and the offer is good until April 5th only. A battery system is not included with the purchase. An additional $1,199.00 is required for a set of LiPo batteries, and $299.00 is the price for the battery charger. The cost for shipping is $399.00, and an additional $200.00 is required for Alaskan or Hawaiian deliveries. Once an order is placed, the customer must call the company for verification. The shipping will also take up to 120 days.

Panther Drone Price


The Panther Drone

the bearIts shape is like a S.W.A.T vehicle with helicopter rotors. This was designed by a team who often worked for the military, so customers can expect quality from this purchase. This customizable commercial delivery sUAS may have a low rated hover time of up to 10 minutes, but it can travel up to 10 miles on the ground. Even though there are numerous other UAVs that can do half of this drone’s highlighted features, the Panther drone shines in its ground and air payload delivering capabilities.


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