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How-To Pair A DJI Mavic With 2 DJI Goggles




The DJI Goggles were recently released a little more than two months ago, but did you know that the FPV headset can be paired with another DJI Goggle for dual live viewing? Take a look at WeTalkUav’s how-to video for the pairing process of 2 DJI Goggles on a Mavic Pro.

Do note that the secondary DJI Goggles can do everything as the primary goggle besides head track. Once the DJI Goggles are paired, the controller will also only display the map instead of the normal live view.

Pair 2 DJI Goggles

2 DJI Goggles

For those that want a written version, here is a how to pair 2 DJI Goggles to a Mavic with a controller list:

  1. Take the first (primary) DJI Goggles and turn it on.
  2. Use the touch panel on the right side of the goggles and navigate to tools, settings, and then linking settings.
  3. Select Advanced Linking and select “Connect two VR Goggles”
  4. Turn on the Mavic and use a paper clip to push the linking button on the bottom side of the DJI goggles
  5. Launch the DJI GO App and enter the camera view on the Mavic controller. Then go to the menu and then select remote controller linking as a primary remote controller.
  6. Take the second DJI Goggles, turn it on, and follow step number 2 & 3. After selecting “ connect two VR Goggles,” select “Secondary Remote Controller” and wait for the 60-second linking process.

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