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FPV drone pilot displays unbelievable control in paintball video!




FPV drones are regularly used for racing or freestyling, but some pilots film with mini quads because of their unique ability to fly through tight spaces. Compared to consumer drones, like what DJI offers, mini quads lack a 3-axis gimbal, so it takes more skill to shoot a usable scene. To see just how unique footage from an FPV mini quad can be, here is an exceptional example of a whole paintball game filmed by a sponsored pilot that goes by HiFlite:

The YouTube video, which was uploaded by Maui Paintball, was shot in one take! The paintball game was actually choreographed, and the participants rehearsed the scenes twice without the drone. HiFlite successfully filmed the paintball game two times, but the best flight was used in the final video.


Paintball from a unique perspective

HiFlite displayed incredible control while zig-zagging through the paintball course and capturing action scenes from different angles. Not only did the drone pilot fly his mini quad through narrow windows with ease, but he also flew through a school bus.


Considering how difficult it is to film using a mini quad, let alone fly one through obstacles, HiFlite showed an impressive talent for drone freestyle filming.


HiFlite controlled the drone while sitting down in a netted area.

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