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OSMO mobile is the latest handheld gimbal from DJI. Which allows you to use your mobile phone camera to create silky smooth footage.

Everything started with the OSMO, handheld  gimbal that could support camera from Inspire 1.  It was a good start and OSMO created a big boom on the market.  Now instead of carrying huge steady cam you could just take a lightweight OSMO.DJI OsmoAfter few months They came up with even better solution: Osmo Pro. It was basically the same handle but with Zenmuse X5 on top of it. X5 and X5 RAW are the Micro 4/3 cameras with much bigger 16MP sensor and interchangeable lenses. This kind of tool was targeted to professionals in the video production business but it had 2 obvious cons: It was pretty heavy and pricy, especially the version that shoots 4K in RAW. The good thing about OSMO Pro is that users were able to get professional cinematic look from the ground and from the sky with one camera. Great product, but not for everyone. a015_c0001

WORLD’S most popular camera is your smartphone

The latest generation is OSMO Mobile. The gimbal for everyone! Some people that are not in the filming industry also can use it. Osmo Mobile also appears to be the cheapest of all osmos.

OSMO Mobile

In the end, we would like to thank Alex Assenmacher for making this review, and featuring We Talk UAV.

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