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North Dakota golf club offers burger delivery by drone!




On August 11, 2018, King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota became the first U.S. golf course to deliver food via drone delivery. Golfers ordered beverages, snacks and burgers through an app, and then they were greeted with a drone that lowered their orders directly onto the fairway.

The golf course used a UAV from an Israeli-based drone delivery company called Flytrex. According to CNN, Flytrex is scheduled to make deliveries for six weeks as part of a trial run, but if the overall feedback is positive, then drone deliveries at King’s Walk may become regular.

The delivery drone is flown 200 to 300 feet to avoid potential midair golf ball collisions, and customers have to pay a $3 fee for each delivery.

Snapshot of King’s Walk Golf Course from Flytrex’s YouTube video.

Mixed reactions

The roughly 33-pound drone may be designed to deliver food up to 30 mph, but just like most drones, it makes a buzzing noise that can be a nuisance to some. Reactions from golfers so far have been mixed.

“The young golfers think it’s great. We’ve had people already call and ask — when’s the drone flying?” Executive director Bill Palmiscno told CNN. “The old members kind of think, ‘oh you’re wasting your money.'”

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