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No More FAA Registration For The Recreational Drones In USA




FAA registration

If you live in the United States, you probably know that up until today, all drones (except toys) need to go through the FAA Registration.  Not anymore!

The drone enthusiast John Taylor won a lawsuit against FAA.  Since first opening the FAA’s registration system in December 2015, more than 820,000 people have registered to fly drones, but starting from today recreational flyers can skip the registration procedure. However, it is still obligatory for the commercial UAV pilots to complete the FAA registration.

This might sound like a good news, but it really isn’t.  The DJI’s head of policy Brendan Schulman commented:

The FAA’s innovative approach to drone registration was very reasonable, and registration provides for accountability and education to drone pilots. I expect the legal issue that impedes this program will be addressed by cooperative work between the industry and policymakers.”

Although the FAA has lost a lawsuit, there is a chance they will appeal and set up their rules again.


The law the court said the FAA violated is set to expire in September, and Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota), Chairman of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee has said that he plans to introduce a bill in the next couple of weeks to address FAA modernization, Michael Drobac, executive director of the Small UAV Coalition, told Recode.

FAA might need some time to clarify current issues, but before that, you can fly with no registration.

Flying with no registration doesn’t mean flying irresponsibly. Please fly safely! 

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