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No Boat? No Problem. Go Drone Surfing! – ALTA 8

Derrick Threatt



Freefly Systems is best known for its high-end cinematography drones.

Their recent ALTA 8 is a top-flight powerhouse, capable of carrying a 20-pound camera. Just one look – and you can tell this is a serious piece of equipment:Freefly Systems ALTA 8

This is a whole level above any prosumer-level drone, allowing you to carry out cinematography suited for Hollywood productions.

But wait. Those eight powerful motors can do more than carry a camera around.

ALTA 8 Camera

Like what, you ask? Well…like this:

Now – two quick caveats:

  1. You’d still need a trusted operator on the ground to actually fly the ALTA 8.
  2. At a retail price of $17,495 US – you could actually buy a real boat. Or two.

Still – pretty cool. We’ve seen this done with a different drone using a snowboard – but pulling someone on the water – at least as far as we’re aware – is a first.



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