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Car Manufacturer Nissan Selling 4x4s With Drone As Standard




Off-road adventures are great, but part of the fun is sharing them with friends and family and looking back at what you achieved. With that in mind, car manufacturer Nissan has started to offer a drone with its latest 4×4, the X-Trail X-Scape, as standard.

The drone in question is the Parrot Bebop 2.

You can read our hardcore test of the Parrot Bebop 2 here by the way. Apart from some issues with image stabilization, it’s a decent camera drone with plenty of positive features. It’s certainly a great addition to any excursion Nissan’s drivers might have planned.

The Bebop 2 has a flight time of around 25 and an integrated 14-megapixel camera. It’s capable of autonomously following its pilot through GPS, which could come in handy for off-road adventures.

It’s an interesting time for Parrot. The company announced this week that its latest drones, – the Bebop 2 and the Disco – are being revamped for the commercial market. The Bebop 2 is going to be available to buy with thermal imaging sensors and mapping software.

So you might remember a recent story about the Austrian mountain rescue team using a Land Rover with a landing pad and drone. That drone was connected to the car and built for search and rescue missions. This offer from Nissan isn’t quite so technical. Instead, the car manufacturer is simply looking to add to the sense of adventure.

Having said that, the free Parrot drones will be Nissan-branded and are sure to become a collectors’ item in the years to come.

Nissan will build only 1,200 special X-Scape models

Drivers of the limited edition X-Scape will pay around $800 more than the standard cost of the Nissan X-Trail 4×4. And although the Bebop 2 can be bought from Parrot directly for less, Nissan is also throwing in a storage case, premium floor mats, an infotainment system, sat nav, roof rails, and a panoramic sunroof.

Parrot nissan car with drone

The Nissan X-Trail X-Scape will come with a Bebop 2 as standard.

Nissan is planning to build 1,200 X-Trail X-Scapes for the European market.

As far as we can tell, this is the first example of a car coming with a drone as standard. But who knows what’s in store in the future. DJI has formed a close distribution partnership with Apple over the years. Maybe we will soon see the drone industry’s most popular manufacturer partnering with car manufacturers, too.


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