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Nimbus 195: The Unbreakable Drone





The Nimbus 195 is an “unbreakable” drone that is about to emerge on the FPV racing scene with some impressive features. Designed by a new company called Aerodyne-RC, the engineer of this small team has created an ultra-rugged quadcopter than can even run over by a truck! Their unique design is made with a carbon fiber monocoque racing shell, and for those of you who aren’t interested in FPV quadcopters, then check out the Evolve drone by Xydnamics for a DJI Phantom like a drone with a similar shell design. Even though this racing quad is new, its tested durability might prove to be the next standard in FPV racing frames.

Speed And Design Of Nimbus 195

This closed shelled FPV racing drone can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h or about 124 mp/h, but that depends on how it is customized.  Most racing quads are opeSpeed And Design Of Nimbus 195n framed, which makes its electrical components prone to damage, so the Nimbus 195 was designed to shell those vital parts. This quad’s shell is aerodynamically sound, so expect an agile drone. The shell is reinforced with 1mm to 4mm worth of carbon fiber to ensure a strong frame. The bottom has a quick release opening where you place your parts. At only 195mm diagonally, its compact size makes this one of the smallest high-speed capable quads. It may not be fully waterproof, but it is IP54 rated so that it can land in the dirt, snow, dust, mud, and other unconventional terrains.

Nimbus 195 Mold

Nimbus 195 Mold

Beginner Friendly

Whether you are a beginner or a professional FPV pilot, then this tough as nails quad might just be right for you. Tests have shown it surviving multiple head on wall collisions with ease, so no one has to worry about it breaking on impact. Beginners can train with this, and pros can keep flying even after a crash. Also, beginners that get the frame only version will be supplemented with an instructional assembly video with recommendations for build parts.

Numbus 195 Friendly for begginersNumbus 195 Beginner Friendly

When And Where Can I Buy The Nimbus 195?

Right now, you can back this up at Their campaign has 4 days left, and they still have some packages for sale. With shipping dates varying, you can expect to receive your product in February or March depending on what package you purchase.

NIMBUS - Indiegogo campaign short video-0002

Package Configurations

The Nimbus 195 can be purchased in three different configurations: frame only, BNF (Bind and Fly), and RTF (Ready to Fly). The frame only will now cost $190, the BNF will cost $490, and the RTF’s price is set at $750, but it seems like it is unavailable to order on their website. Those prices do not include shipping. Buyers can expect the frame only orders to ship first, whereas the BNF and RTF versions are estimated for March. Batteries are not included due to shipping regulations, and a video goggle, like a fat-shark, is still needed to experience FPV.

bodyonlinereal BNFreal



What Are The Package Differences?

The frame only version is obviously just the hollow frame with different mounts and other miscellaneous accessories. The BNF is a fully built Nimbus that will only need an RC transmitter and an FPV headset for flight. The RTF version will also come fully built, but it’ll also be packaged with their custom RC transmitter called the TBS tango. This controller comes with a wider than usual frame for improved comfort, but its most impressive feature is its ability to power a separately purchased FPV headset. That means you don’t have to strap a heavy battery with your FPV goggles!

TBS Tango R/C

TBS Tango R/C

Is This The Future Of Drone Frames?

With its unparalleled durability and weight frame ratio, the Nimbus 195 may just have set the standard for future FPV quads. Beginners and pros alike can benefit from the variety of configurations. Open customization can make this future-proof.  If this is as durable as the company claims, then this may just be the last FPV quad you need to purchase.

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