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NFL Will Use Drones To Drop The Ball – Pro Bowl Skills Showdown




nfl drones

Just when we think the level of drones can’t get any more prevalent in the entertainment/sporting world, the NFL Drones has upped the excitement in the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown. In this latest twist, drones are used to drop the ball to a player. This should be interesting because while this could be an exciting or boring addition, depending on how this new variation goes.

NFL drones

Just imagine if you are the drone operator and suddenly miscalculate where the drone is supposed to drop the ball. What if an unexpected interference gets in the way? While it is certain that every precaution will be taken to make sure nothing bad will happen, there is always the unknown variation.

In the NFL promotional video, you can see an Inspire taking the football and flying it out to a player on a field. In fact, one of three Inspires is seen on the field which is nice considering that the NFL can use any type of drone, they chose the Inspire due to its reputation of being a very stable aircraft.

And here is the video itself showing the NFL Drones dropping the balls:

Of course, the pressure is on the pilot to make sure that the drone gets to the right place. For anyone with drone pilot aspirations, this has to be a dream chance to show what they got. If this successful, just imagine the progression: Will there be a beer carrying drone? How about a t-shirt selling drone? How about a drone referee?

As the Pro Bowl has had a dwindling interest, there has been attempts to revive it with the NFL Pro Bowl Skills Showdown activities-which begs to ask, will have a chance to be more entertaining than the actual game itself. This year’s activities includes the following:

  • Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: Will Ferrell be inspired? Is dodgeball really a sport?
  • Best Hands Competition: Labeled a skills competition which features a competition for the best receiver-quarterback duo from each squad.
  • Precision Passing Competition: Two players from each team will compete to hit moving targets.
  • Power Relay Challenge: Four members from the AFC and NFC team will compete against each other in a timed relay.
  • Finally, the Drone Drop.

Thank you for reading!

By Ben Walford 


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