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Technology thrills with its ever-changing landscape, but the “land” part doesn’t have a monopoly. Drones are in the air and in the news — constantly. The numbers and uses for unmanned aerial vehicles are multiplying exponentially, and keeping up with drone developments is our focus at WeTalkUAV.

On this page, you’ll find the latest drone news. Airborne pizza delivery, stunning photography, and firefighting assistance — all brought to you by drones — already have made headlines around the world, and there’s more UAV news to come as both hobbyists and the business sector discover more innovative uses for these high-flying wonders.

The Federal Aviation Administration — a newsmaker itself after launching online registration for drones — estimates that drone purchases for personal and commercial use will grow from 2.5 million in 2016 to 7 million in 2020. As the industry booms, we are committed to becoming the trusted source for impartial drone news, as well as comprehensive and unbiased reviews. Visitors to this page will get up-to-date drone news about product developments, regulations and how UAVs are being utilized.

Drones can supply important images to first responders after disasters, aid farmers in identifying planting failures, monitor animal populations, and more. As the applications grow and manufacturers incorporate new technologies into their products, count on WeTalkUAV to present the latest drone news.

skywall, one of many different counter-uas technologies

Rogue Drone? These Counter-UAS Technologies Can Help

As more and more drones take to the skies, a small but dedicated industry is emerging with the sole aim of shooting them down....
DJI Spark drone

DJI’s Respond to UK Drone Registration Rules

DJI has released a response to the UK Drone Registration Rules: Drone technology offers enormous benefits to the UK, and the Department for Transport’s proposal...
drone tug of war

DJI Drone Tug of War

DJI drones are stronger than they look. We Talk UAV tied a string between two different drones and let them run in opposite directions...
Best MicroSD Cards

Best MicroSD Cards for Drones

Buying MicroSD cards for your drone can be confusing, so a YouTuber named Tom’s Tech Time broke it down and compared a handful of...

Illegal Drone Flight Condemned by Drone Community

With nearly 100,000 views, YouTuber NS films&editing uploaded an illegal drone flight video of Israelian passenger planes flying by! Over 95% of the people...

JDI Fantom 5 Leaked Drone Release!

The JDI Fantom 5 drone is here, and its unique features are unheard of! This pentacopter, or five propeller drone, was recently revealed at...
DJI Spark Possibilities

Get to Know DJI Spark in One Minute with This Infographic

DJI Spark is a small yet smart and powerful fly camera drone, which allows you to put it to the pocket and take it...

The World’s Fastest Drone Sets a World Record!

On July 13, 2017, Drone Racing League’s RacerX quadcopter earned a place in the book of the Guinness World Records by being the world's...

DJI Drones are Getting Shot Down in The Battle of Marawi

Various consumer DJI drones are being used in a war right now by both the Philippine Army and the radical Islamic terrorist group called...

The U.S. Air Force Wants Permission to Shoot Down Intruding Drones

Last April 14, the Federal Aviation Administration made it illegal for unauthorized drones to fly over 133 military facilities, but the U.S. Air Force...