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Yuneec CEO Has Been Replaced With A New One




Michael Jiang

Yuneec International has announced that they got Michael Jiang (Jiang Hao) joining their company as a Global Chief Executive Officer. New Yuneec CEO Michael Jiang has 26 years experience in ICT industry, research and development, service, marketing, sales and management.

At Motorola Systems China Michael was responsible for implementation of the development strategy. He also served as an Executive Vice President of Ericsson China and North East Asia.
Michael Jiang
Michael graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has also engaged in extended studies at the North Carolina State University. Fluent in three languages, he lived in Sweden, the United States, and Italy for 16 years.

Up until today, Yuneec’s CEO was Tian Yu, but there was another key figure Wenyan Jiang as the Wikipedia suggests. Wenyan is his wife who has been running the company together with Tian Yu since 1999.

Yuneec CEO

Wenyan Jiang and Michael Jiang (PRNewsfoto/YUNEEC International)

In the announcement, Yuneec doesn’t explain why they have replaced initial CEO, but that might be their hope to overcome the current crisis and start competing with DJI again. As we know that Yuneec has been cutting jobs in March of 2017 and now they are not paying the debts to the suppliers.

It is also unknown if it’s just a coincidence that new Yuneec CEO and Wenyan share the same surname Jiang.

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