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NEW WORLD RECORD! China Launches 1000 Drones Simultaneously




Not long ago, Intel dazzled us with 500 drones flying at the same time and creating beautiful patterns. They had set a new record for the amount of the drones controlled simultaneously. There was also a lot of hype about the drone show Intel put on at the Super Bowl, though it was not actually live. Who would have thought that this record would be broken in less than 2 months with 1000 drones?

China Launches 1000 Drones 1000 drones china

On February 12th, 1000 drones went up to the sky simultaneously in Guangzhou, China for the celebration of Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese holiday.

Lantern Festival China 1000 Drones

The drone manufacturer Ehang, well-known for its non-flying Ehang 184 used the 1000 drones to spell out some Chinese characters in the sky.

The drones covered an area 280m long and 180m wide at an altitude of 120m.

Ehang Drones

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