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New Land Rover Discovery Has A Search And Rescue Drone On A Rooftop




Land rover search and rescue drone

Land Rover has built a variant of the Discovery SUV that has a landing pad for a search and rescue drone right on its roof. Not only can the drone take off and land while the car is parked, but it also can perform precise landing while the vehicle is moving. It’s not the first time we have seen this since one year ago Ford and DJI began cooperation on such a car as well.

Land Rover Search and rescue drone

The car is custom-made by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) unit, based on the 3.0-litre TD6 engine-powered version of the new Land Rover Discovery. A new magnetic retention and a self-centering system are being implemented, so the Search and Rescue Drone can land on the roof while the car speeds along. The Red Cross plans to transmit live footage from the drone to help respond quickly to landslides, earthquakes, floods, and avalanches.

Land Rover Search and rescue drone

Unfortunately, the new Discovery with the search and rescue drone roof is just a concept design, and it will not be available for a purchase unless you make a special order from the Red Cross.

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