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Elevation – a documentary examining profound ways drones are changing our world




Drones may potentially be as disruptive to society as the advent of the internet.

That’s one of the claims made in a new short documentary about drones called Elevation (link to film on second page). The film is produced by Dezeen, a popular design and architecture website and magazine. Coming in at just under 18 minutes, the doco interviews futurists, architects and other experts about positive and negative implications that UAVs are having on society today.

It also examines some of the future impacts that may result from the increasing ubiquity of drones in fields such as construction, agriculture and travel. It additionally looks at concerns regarding the effect drones may have on privacy, security and employment.

Considering modern consumer drones were co-opted from the military around two decades ago – the progress of the technology and its spread is astounding. In 1995, the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV entered military service – patrolling countries from high above and reigning terror upon America’s adversaries (and equally likely, civilians). By the late 90s, consumer drones had made it into the hands of a select few hobbyists and enthusiasts but were nowhere near their current popularity.

By 2010 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Law Vegas, French company Parrot released their AR quadcopter which could be controlled using an iPhone. This drone design is one that many people are familiar with and heralded the consumer drone market had well and truly taken flight.

The Parrot AR: one of the early consumer drones which kicked UAVs firmly into public consciouness.

Article and link to the documentary on the following page.

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