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Brand New DJI Headquarters Building Will Be Built In Shenzhen




DJI Headquarters

DJI has started work on a new headquarters tower in Shenzhen, they have announced on their official WeChat account. Apparently, while other drone companies are cutting jobs DJI keeps hiring more and more people, so now they are building a new place for all employees to work. In fact, a new DJI Headquarters campus will consist of 2 buildings and we got some impressive numbers here:

  1. The western tower will be 39 floors tall which is about 177m (580 ft)
  2. The eastern tower will have 44 floors and reach the height of 200m (650 ft) 
  3. The ground area will be up to 17 600 m² (182 986 ft²)
  4. Total indoors area is going to be more than 160 000 m² (1 722 225 ft²)
  5. New building will have 4 levels of underground parking will be as big as 70 000 m² (753 473 ft²)
  6. Total area of DJI Headquarters will be more than 230 000m² (2 475 700 ft²)

The rest of the post was saying that they are also looking for the interior designers for giving the DJI Headquarters building an interesting and creative look indoors as well.

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