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Could DJI’s new flight simulator help fine tune your flying skills?




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Why would someone want/need a drone simulator? (Cont..)

When you think about it – drone simulators are a no-brainer. Commercial airline pilots have been using simulators to practice flying 747 and every other variety of aircraft for decades. It’s a much cheaper and no-risk method of training pilots in basic skills. Simulators are also a place to put pilots through their paces when it comes to stressful situations such as an emergency landing or attempted hijacking, that may face them at some point in their career.

Drone simulators are a useful tool for home users but even more so for commercial users who might need to learn delicate, finickity skills like picking up or dropping off items or navigating their way through cityscapes without crashing into things. While not everyone will be bothered in getting a drone simulator, if they start to be of reasonable quality and available cheaply or free on smart devices, it will only be a matter of time before they become extremely popular in the drone community.

Pilots and the public have been using flight simulators for decades to experience flight in a low-risk, relatively affordable yet ultra-realistic environment.

I want a piece of this! How do I get it?

You can download the trial version of the simulator for free here. The full version is available through official DJI dealers. You can find out where your local dealer is here. NOTE: You need to have at least Windows 10 to run this program.

If you try the simulator out – let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page. I’ll tell you my thoughts as soon as I’ve tested it out 🙂

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