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Nearly 40 percent of British public want drones banned




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Drones have caught plenty of bad rap in recent times. Alongside a number of high-profile near-misses between drones and passenger planes, there are also legitimate fears regarding peeping tom drones and state surveillance.

At the end of 2017, Pew Research Centre conducted a similar sort of survey regarding American attitudes to drones. By mid-2017, 8 percent of Americans own drones and 59 percent had seen one in flight. The Pew survey did not get into the same sort of specifics as the UK one but showed that Older Americans were much more likely to think that drone use by private citizens should be banned in certain areas, particularly near people’s homes (73% of older adults think this should not be allowed) or at events such as concerts or rallies (67%).

How do good drone owners counter the negative narrative?

We know that there are some negative aspects to this technology (especially that they are used to kill people in war zones). Certain people abuse their UAVs, even though the vast majority of owners are responsible. Sites like ours can continue to publish stories about all the positive things drones contribute to society such as beautiful photography (make sure to check us out on Instagram) and preserve nature.

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