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Nearly 40 percent of British public want drones banned




A new UK think tank survey shows that 38 percent of the British public support a total ban on drones.

The think tank, Parliament Street, commissioned polling company Censuswide to survey 2000 British adults aged 18 and over, asking them questions regarding their attitudes to drones and their use.

Titled Drones 4 U : Public Perception Of Security Threats, the report found that 75 percent of those surveyed believed that drones pose a risk to national security and 83 percent supported a move to implement mandatory licencing of drones.

Why are so many people down on drones?

The high level of opposition to drones is likely part of the fallout resulting from December’s Gatwick Airport drone incident. The highly publicised event, just a week before Christmas caused 800 flights to be disrupted and 130,000 to be delayed over a three day period. The ultimate cost of this event runs into the tens of millions of pounds. Although more than 100 witnesses in and around the airport claim to have seen the drone, no suspects are currently in custody (although one couple were briefly held before being released).

The report (which is fairly poorly written and riddled with grammatical errors), recommended for the UK government to implement mandatory licensing employ more technical experts who are properly equipped to handle drone crises.

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