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Must-have accessories for your DJI drones!




Aftermarket drone accessories are designed to help your overall drone experience, so here’s a list of five must-have accessories for your DJI drones:

LifThor – tablet mount

Thor’s Drone World made a tablet mount called the LifThor for the Spark and Mavic series. Since DJI’s most portable drones are designed to hold mobile phones, LifThor allows drone pilots to use larger devices like iPads or Samsung tablets. LifThor is available in different sizes, and their prices range anywhere from $79 to $84.

FreeWell soft case

We Talk UAV already reviewed FreeWell’s hard case for the Mavic Air, but this time the soft case is being recommended because of its low-profile and lightweight design. A soft case or a hard case is a personal preference, but cases in general are valuable because they are designed to protect a drone while travelling. FreeWell’s soft case stands out with its $39 price tag and lifetime warranty; this case is also made with PU material on the outside and EVA material on the inside for optimal protection.

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