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The Music Made With DJI Mavic Pro Sounds Awesome




According to Guardian there are about 1264 types of music out there. And all of them are interesting and unique. But since our website’s name is We Talk UAV, we talk about UAV, UAS, and drones. So what do the drones have to do with music? Extremely talented guy, one of my favorite YouTubers Andrew Huang has just uploaded the music made with DJI Mavic Pro. Just using different sounds of a drone he was able to create an interesting melody. Check it out:

How did you like it?
The music made with Mavic Pro sounds pretty cool, and the variety of sounds that the drone can make is really surprising. When we fly drone 2-3 times a week, we never pay attention and just ignore that regular noises, but the musician who has just received a new drone found them interesting and made a music out of drone noises.

music made with mavic pro

That’s it. Just thought that you might find it interesting, so we decided to share with our audience. If you think this video is cool, share the link with your friends or show it in your local drone community.

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