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YouTuber MrBeast uses drone to make it rain $20k in cash! 




What drone did MrBeast use?

In the beginning of the video, clear footage of a waterproof drone from a brand called SwellPro was seen customized with a net. SwellPro makes waterproof drones, but their Splash Drone is a dedicated line-release quadcopter built specifically for drone fishing. Instead of releasing fishing lines, MrBeast used the SwellPro drone to release cash.


Dangers of the drone stunt


MrBeast may have released cash from the drone with good intent, but there were a few times factors such as the wind blew the cash away from the intended target. In one instance, cash landed on the street, so the girls chashing after the money had to wait for traffic to clear. When MrBeast littered the front entrance of Walmart with cash, some drivers stopped and hopped out of their cars, leaving their vehicles unintended in the middle of the road.


Even a kid near oncoming traffic was seen chasing after the cash on the floor:


It’s clear that MrBeast did the stunt for the views, but his flight was risky. Generally, drone flights over people are illegal according to the FAA, but MrBeast may have gotten a permit. Even though there have been instances were drones completely failed while dropping items towards large crowds, no one was injured in MrBeast’s video, and everyone seemed happy to receive the free cash.

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