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More drones to inspect Europe’s borders following Brexit




If you have the faintest idea about the latest news surrounding Brexit, you’ll know that the United Kingdom’s slow separation from the European Union is going pretty terribly.

So terribly in fact, that last week Bloomberg reported that multiple EU countries are making preparatory steps for a ‘no deal’ scenario with the UK when the March 2019 deadline for Brexit arrives. These steps include EU states beefing up the number of border patrol or customs agents as well as countries like Belgium buying drones that will patrol Belgian borders to monitor against illegal goods or people arriving.

The concept underlying the EU is that many diverse nations can cooperate, working with a common set of values together towards shared goals and outcomes. A ‘no-deal’ scenario would represent a significant retrenchment away from cooperation and would surely be a disaster for the UK economy and security. The UK currently works closely with the EU on issues such as counter-terrorism and data exchange.

Drone patrols?

Drones are regularly used as a tool for cheapily and easily monitoring border activity. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have recently been pushing to acquire more drones to help them carry out their duties, including surveying properties for threats from high above, prior to conducting raids.

As thing currently stand, British companies can transport goods across the entire European Union, largedly unimpeded. Similarly, as a British citizen, you can travel across the EU without being stopped at borders or having to obtain a visa. Without a deal reached, it’s possible that people from the UK will require a visa to enter the EU and UK exporters will not have ready access the large markets across the EU.

All EU member states. Credit: Political Geography Now

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