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Could UAVs finally help locate missing flight MH370?




The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 more than four and a half years ago remains one of the contemporary world’s greatest mysteries.

Barely a week goes by without media outlets touting a new possible sighting or mooting a theory on what exactly happened to the plane.

The most recent theory? The plane crashed into thick, high-altitude Cambodian jungle. The source of this potential discovery? A British photographer scouring the area using Google Map images.

The photographer, Ian Wilson, shared his findings with the Daily Star and the exact location he pegged is 60 miles (100 km) west of Cambodia’s capital, Pnom Penh. The screenshot of the area does resemble a plane (see below) and would be within the potential area MH370 could have reached, depending on whether it blew up or glided in to land. The Google Map screenshot may also, however, just be a jet caught during its flight. Whether or not this latest hope is just another red herring remains to be seen but a UK-based computer expert specializing in aviation software has called for drones or helicopter to examine the area.

Is this finally the wreckage of MH370?

The Google Maps location in Cambodia that is being claimed as the possible final resting place of MH370

Yijun Yu, who works as a senior computing lecturer says that the cost of sending drones to investigate the site would be relatively low. Compared to helicopters, drones could also hover low to the ground and either confirm or eliminate the possibility that the plane is lying there. No immediate plan have been made by Cambodia authorities to do this.

To date the cost of the search for MH370 is at a minimum of $130 million. Aside from some potential wreckage washed up on coastlines in several countries, no solid leads have come through which lead to the suspension of search efforts in 2017 .

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