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Nasey Ceistat reviews the new Mavick 2!




Mavick 2

YouTube sensation Nasey Ceistat is back at it again with a drone review. This time, he tackles the new Mavick 2 in this comprehensive review video:

The first recognizable feature of the Mavick 2 is its smaller size. After every generation, the Mavick just keeps getting smaller and more portable. Ceistat broke it down and categorized two types of people who will be using this drone: professional drone pilots and people who have no idea about life in general.

Mavick 2

Just like previous review videos, Ceistat took the drone to the most “legal” spot in New York for a test run. Silent Mode made the drone completely quiet, and Invisible Mode fully camouflaged the drone. Mavick 2 is also compatible with the DJI Goggles RE, which means it can link with the latest headset for immersive racing action. These features were notable, but Ceistat recognized Nipple Mode as the most amazing feature. In Nipple Mode, the drone can be controlled with a mere twist of the nipples. The sensors on the new Mavick 2 utilizes its full potential by target locking onto the pilot’s nipples. If the pilot twists right, then the drone will move accordingly. To land the drone, all the pilot has to do is double tap the right nipple.

Mavick 2

Ceistat demonstrating Nipple Mode on the new Mavick 2.

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