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Mavic Epic Survival and DJI made Casey Neistat style video




Today our blog format will be a little bit different. We got not only one but two hot topics: DJI Mavic and Casey Neistat. Let’s jump straight into it:

First things first:

The video DJI posted on their original channel yesterday was spectacular! Wakeboarding in a swimming pool is an extreme and spectacular sport. Everything, including swimming pool itself, was branded by DJI. I would say there is nothing special except this video which feels so “Casey Neistat”.

After checking out the comments I realized that i’m not the only one who think so. Now lets take a look what makes it so similar to Casey’s videos: 

  1. Music – Exactly the same type of the music Casey Neistat using in his vlogs.
  2. The way video was edited. It’s hard to explain but you can see how “Neistatish” it is
  3. “Wakeboards” (instead of boosted skateboards ;-)).

If only they add couple of time lapses in the beginning and in the end of the video. Are DJI Producers running out of creative ideas or they just trying to take their place in the big trend? Leave a comment, and tell us what do you think about it?

Moving to the next point -Mavic Recovery

Maybe DJI Producers are borrowing some ideas in the great internet but their R&D is definitely doing a great job. And here is why:

Isn’t it amazing? The pilot was flying DJI Mavic sideways towards the tree, started cutting branches but got tired of it after 2 seconds, the drone fell down. After a quick flip, it recovered within few centimeters from the ground.  This kind of recovery is only possible with very advanced flight controller,  algorithms although certainly not every drone can handle it. Now people who was hesitating about buying DJI Mavic Pro can be sure they won’t regret the purchase.

That’s it! Thank you for reading and following We Talk UAV!


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