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Mavic Propeller Guards Test – Safety First!



Drone community has been buzzing about drone propeller guards since DJI has released them. Of course, there was a lot of skepticism going on about it. And that is not a surprise because DJI is asking $159 USD for the set of the Mavic propeller guards. The good thing though is that they brought up another, more affordable option that will cost only $15 bucks.

Here is a short video we’ve made with the both kinds of Mavic propeller guards. This is not a full in-depth review, but you can get the idea on how safe the propeller cages actually are.

Finally, it all comes down to one simple question: Do you need it?

  • If you are first-time drone pilot – Yes 
  • If you only fly in open areas with no obstacles around – No 
  • If you want to fly indoors – Yes 
  • If you want to fly in the forest – Yes 
  • If you want to fly longer – No cross
  • If you want to hand-catch your Mavic – Yes tick
  • If you want to fly close to people – Yes tick

Thank you for watching!

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Fly safe!