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Drone Fishing: DJI Mavic Pro Saves A Stuck Kayak




Has your kayak ever been stuck in a river? What can you do if your boat is lodged at the edge of a dam? You can do some drone fishing like what this guy; he used his DJI Mavic to save the day. A YouTuber named Maine Gadget Traders uploaded this epic drone rescue video. Check it out for yourself:

Was The DJI Mavic Necessary?

Of course, some of you might be thinking that you can just tie a hook to a rope and throw it at the kayak, but similar efforts were already taken. Main Gadget Traders said, “After unsuccessful attempts via rope to retrieve, I went home and got the Mavic Pro. I rigged the Mavic with a zip tie, binder clip, fishing line, and a lure.” The DJI Mavic, or any other drone, can do what Main Gadget Traders did, but the portability of a Mavic is a major plus in situations like these. The precision of the hook drop saved them a lot of time.DJI Mavic saves a stuck kayak by drone fishing

So Did The Mavic Pull The Kayak?

No, the Mavic simply hooked onto the kayak. Once the rigged line was connected to the Kayak, it was pulled back to safety. The Mavic can only carry about two pounds of extra weight, so it was impossible for the small drone to pull a kayak against the current of the river.DJI Mavic Saves Kayak

Drone Fishing / Rescue Device

What Main Gadget Traders did was what some people already do out in the sea: drone fishing. People have been rigging their drones with the capability of dropping lures for a few years now. Usually, customized drones can drop a fishing line in a precise location; this can be useful if you drop the bait next to a school of fish. Instead of dropping a fishing line, Main Gadget Traders dangled the line until it hooked onto the boat. This simple yet genius drone fishing idea can be used for both dropping bait and saving objects stuck in the water.

Be Careful When You Go Drone Fishing!

Even though there are some drones that can carry a few pounds, be careful when you use a drone to go fishing or when you rescue an object. Fish sizes can vary, so using your drone to pull fish directly out of the water is a bad idea. Dropping a fishing line with your drone is usually the best idea. If you plan on saving an object or fishing with your drone, don’t use your UAV to actually pull a heavy object because it can end in a disaster. Here is a fail video to remind you of the dangers of drone fishing:

Before you go out and save an object or go drone fishing, make sure your drone can handle the situation!


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