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Mavic and Spark clones at CES 2018




Spark clones

Spark clones

Walkera had a Spark-like drone called Peri out on the show floor, but it was regarded as a prototype. One of the company’s distributors even said, “It’s very similar to the Spark.” Unlike the Spark, Peri has a 4K camera that can shoot at 30 fps, and it has the world’s smallest 3-axis gimbal. Its flight time is rated at 15 minutes, and its range maxes out at 0.62 miles. Walkera’s newest prototype drone has some notable features on paper, but the quality control with their past drones is questionable. Last year, Walkera released a Mavic-like drone called Vitus, and although it was stacked with features on paper, YouTube reviews, like droneXfactor’s video, basically said it was problematic.

Spark clones

C-Fly didn’t stop with their Mavic copy; they also created a Spark clone called Dream. There were blue, green, yellow and white models on the show floor, but the frame’s overall design was shaped after the Spark.

Spark clones

Spark clones

DJI is the leading company for consumer drones, so it was inevitable that their competitors would create similar products. Most of these newer drones fall short in terms of performance, but they are priced lower than DJI products. Even though the Mavic and Spark clones look similar, they don’t fly the same!

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