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Mavic and Spark clones at CES 2018




Spark clones

DJI’s Mavic and Spark models have been popular choices for consumer drone pilots, so it wasn’t surprising to see other companies copying them. Compared to last years’ CES, this year seemed to have less innovation but more replication. There were a few exceptional drones showcased at CES 2018, but there were also an abundance of Mavic and Spark clones.

Mavic clones

Autel unveiled a Mavic-like drone at CES, but their product proved to be a legit competitor since it hovered like no other drone without GPS. Their EVO drone may be the only quadcopter worth looking into. The rest of the Mavic lookalikes lack in the features department.

Spark clones

The most blatant copy of the Mavic, at least by looks, was C-Fly’s Obtain drone. The company even placed similar stripes on the front of the drone’s arms. To be fair, it is only priced at $499 on Banggood, but the 1080p quadcopter doesn’t perform like the proven Mavic. It does have a 3-axis gimbal; however, YouTuber Quadcopter 101 reported that the stabilization could be improved.

Spark clones

A company called High Great created a Mavic-like drone called Hesper with an 18 minute flight time. The drone folds just like a Mavic, and its color is similar too. Hesper comes equipped with a 13MP Sony IMX 214 camera that can record in 1080p, and it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. An app can be used to fly it, or it can be paired with a controller to extend the maximum range to 2,624 feet. The price for this drone was not discussed, but it should soon be available on High Great’s Taobao store.

Spark clones

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