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Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro : differences and which one to get




Mavic Air Mavic Pro

So, it’s not Mavic 2, it’s Mavic Air.

Mavic Pro is undoubtedly the most successful drone DJI has ever made. But now a promising game changer has arrived! DJI just presented its new drone Mavic Air at the ‘Adventure Unfold’ event in New York City, setting a new standard for consumer drone’s portability and flight performance.

Here we’ve summarized everything you need to know about Mavic Air and how it is different from Mavic Pro. For those who want a quick answer, we’ve prepared this comparison table below. You can find more detailed comparisons after this table.

mavic air vs mavic pro

Specs Comparison: Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro


Mavic Air has definitely cracked the traditional Mavic series’ look. Hard for us to say if it looks good or bad, it really depends on your aesthetic preferences. But we got the first impression that it inherits its looks from both Mavic Pro and Spark. Mavic Air has kept the signature foldable design, but has thrilled us by refreshing the record of portability. Like its predecessor Mavic Pro did in 2016, Air redefined what an ultra-portable drone is with an even smaller size. Besides, you can get Mavic Air in black, white and red.

mavic air vs mavic pro

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