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DJI Mavic Air vs. Mavic Pro – Why the Mavic Air is better for travelling!




Mavic Air vs. Mavic Pro comparison

Battery Flight time

The Mavic Air has a flight time rated at 21 minutes, whereas the Mavic Pro has a flight time rated at 27 minutes.


The Mavic Air’s max range topped out at about 2.5 miles, while the Mavic Pro is rated to fly up to 4.3 miles.


DJI included a new 8 GB internal storage with the Mavic Air, so the newer drone’s ability to capture videos and photos without a microSD card makes it more suitable for people who forget to pack a memory card before a trip. We Talk UAV speculated that DJI will include internal storage with future drones.


Rear obstacle avoidance sensors and APAS were installed on the Mavic Air, so the newer drone is superior in terms of safety. APAS helps avoid obstacles such as trees in real time.


Only the Mavic Pro comes equipped with OcuSync, which is great for signal connectivity and for people flying with DJI Goggles (RE).


The Mavic Air is equipped with a smaller gimbal, but its body protects the gimbal and camera with a cage-like design. We Talk UAV tested the Mavic Air by slamming the drone into a tree in sport mode. The test concluded the newer drone to be more durable than the Mavic Pro.


The Mavic Pro has a wider field of view, so its camera captures more of the scene when compared to the Mavic Air.

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