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Marines equip MRZR all-terrain vehicles with counter-UAV system




The growth of the drone industry has made UAVs cheaper and easier to access, so to combat potential aerial threats, the Marines started to use a new counter-UAV system for their MRZR all-terrain vehicles. LMADIS, or Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System, is designed to detect, identify, track and take down small UAVs using electronic attack, and it’s already being deployed by the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Off-the-shelf drones can be modded by the likes of terrorist. According to Marine Corps Times, ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria weaponized consumer quadcopters to drop hand grenades. To gain an upper hand against modded UAVs, the Marines equipped some of their all-terrain vehicles with LMADIS to easily pinpoint rogue drones while staying mobile.

What threats are the Marines preparing for?

Besides rogue drones, the Marines bought counter-UAV systems to prepare against drone swarms. Multiple UAVs that can communicate with each other to execute a set of commands is the future of drone light shows, but if flown in the wrong hands, drone swarms can be dangerous.

Screenshot from Stop Autonomous Weapons’s video shows an attack drone swarm being deployed from the back a of van.

Consumer drones in wars

DJI, the largest consumer drone company, implemented safety features to prevent their drones from flying in restricted airspace, but their technology has a history of being hacked, modded and used in wars. DJI designed their consumer drones to be the best aerial imaging machines for their price range. Even though DJI quadcopters are designed for civilian use, their low price and ability to fly for miles on out makes them expendable.

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