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A Man Steals Thousands Of Dollars In Drone Equipment




Can thousands of dollars of DJI equipment disappear in a blink of an eye? Apparently, if you are the owner of Multicopter Warehouse in Lone Tree, Colorado, the answer is yes. The suspect has not been identified. However, that is just a matter of time as the products were stolen in a one day sweep from the store on Sunday, Feb 26, 2017. Among the taken drone equipment include two specialized drone cameras (probably X5S or Zenmuse XT) and a drone battery. With Multicopter Warehouse an authorized retail store for DJI Technologies, the theft has come out to thousands of dollars of products taken.

As CEO Joshua Gilson would later tell Fox News in Denver why this store was targeted

“Anyone familiar with drones knows that DJI is by far the most popular manufacturer, and our Colorado store is the only DJI retail location between the East and West coasts — so clearly this guy was targeting us.”

What is interesting is the manner for which the products were taken. Surveillance videos show the casual demeanor of the person as he slid the items under his coat. The video shows the suspect, a white male, enter the store three separate times before taking off. At one point, it appears that a store alarm does go off but does not raise any further suspicions. However, he was clearly identifiable by the video cameras even stopping completely in front of one camera. He was either unconcerned or was unaware that he was being taped.

What is even more interesting is the security cameras clearly capture the suspect’s face. While his identification is not known at this time, that may not matter ultimately. In many of the smaller communities, people do know each other. Add a more of a niche community of drone fliers and the person’s chances of being identified is greater.

Theft of drone equipment is nothing new. Many times, crooks are young adults who have taken to the lure of drone products either to start their own business or perhaps resell on the internet as quickly as possible. On Jan 12, 2017, SILive reported a man stealing a drone from an Apple Store in Staten Island, NY. At least that criminal attempted to alter their appearance with eye glasses, unlike this more recent suspect. No word on whether this suspect was apprehended.


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