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Man saves drone from plunging into lake & YouTuber finds DJI P4 underwater!




YouTuber finds DJI P4 under water

Another example of why it’s dangerous to fly a drone over water can be seen in this video by YouTuber and scuba diver DALLMYD:

DALLMYD dove a wakeboard park to see what treasures lied underwater. He found miscellaneous trash, golf balls, a fishing rod, a GoPro Session and a DJI Phantom 4 series quadcopter.

Screenshot from YouTuber DALLMYD’s video.

A man in the beginning of the video said the DJI Phantom 4 clipped a cable and fell into the water.


“I’ve never even had a drone; this is my first drone,” said DALLMYD.

If a drone is over a body of water when it’s auto landing, then the pilot will have to act as a lifeguard to save the drone or a scuba diver to find the drone under water. We Talk UAV already covered tips on how to avoid common drone crashes, but flying over water in general multiplies the risk of loosing a drone. Let these videos serve as an example as to why drone flights over water must always be conducted with extra caution.

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