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Portuguese Cup Final Ball Delivered By A Man On The Hoverboard Drone




Drones are becoming more common place in sports. However, this one was more of a historical moment involving a hoverboard drone device. Rising up in the air and flying around the stadium, one can only imagine what the operator was thinking. Fearless would be a good word.

A few points to consider:

The match ball was brought over in a rain storm. Pretty remarkable considering it was not long ago that you could not even fly a drone in the rain and let alone ride one. The expression on the drone operator’s face is priceless as he handed the referee the ball. You can tell they never experienced anything quite like this before.

The start of a soccer game, let alone the 2017 Portuguese Cup between Benfica and Vitoria de Guimaraes was designed to turn heads for which it well succeeded. Marvel comics might of thought of this with their villain the Green Goblin. However, we would prefer to see in sports.

hoverboard drone

This is not the first time drones have been used but certainly the most different type of use. There was the Lady Gaga’s half time performance with drones synchronized as a lighting show in the background.

lady gaga drone
There was the NBA’s Dunk Assist contest. The Intel Drones assisted on that which was fun to watch but not awe-inspiring such as the hoverboard drone hybrid was. Certainly, this type of craft will be perfected with its through a space agency or a technology company.

Entertainment and sports are a natural collaboration. It can be expected that this will only increase in a number of ways. Although not very practical in everyday application, if you are an extreme sports fanatic, you can use your imagination to see what types of stunts this hybrid device will incur. 


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