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Man allegedly rigs drone to save trapped puppy from 20-foot ditch!





According to The Indian Express, the puppy puked twice after being rescued from the filthy drain.

“The puppy vomited plastic packets, pan masala packets and black-coloured water both the times,” said Raj.

Shortly after the rescue, Raj adopted the dog and named it Lifted. The puppy was unable to eat for a few days, but the video shows Lifted fully recovered and happily playing with Raj.


“Rescue was extremely tough and complicated, but I am happy everything went good and puppy is now living a better life,” said Raj.


Instagram post shows Raj’s new dog: Lifted.

Social media questions puppy rescue

Despite the successful rescue, people on social media have expressed doubts. Some have questioned the video, calling it a mere stunt. Others thanked Raj for his efforts, while another group claimed a ladder would have been a better and faster solution.

Source: NDTV’s Twitter


Snippet shows comments from NDTV’s Tweet.

“The rescue was absolutely real and nothing was staged. I had extremely limited time and because of this I wasn’t able to prepare my camera setup to film each and every action. Moreover, this is not the first rescue I did using technology, but it’s the first I shared online,” said Raj.


Drones have been used to save human lives, so a hexacopter built to carry a puppy isn’t too far-off from what UAVs are capable of doing. Raj’s drone rescue may have received mixed reactions, but Lifted is now living a happy and healthy life.

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