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Man allegedly rigs drone to save trapped puppy from 20-foot ditch!





In Lucknow, India, local resident Milind Raj stumbled upon a whimpering puppy while on a morning walk, so he used his background in drones and robotics to allegedly rig a claw onto a hexacopter to save the dog. The puppy fell through an opening, landing on filth. According to The Indian Express, other people insisted on letting the animal die, but Raj was “unwilling to let go.” Here is an edited YouTube video showing Raj using a drone to pull the puppy out of a 20-foot ditch into safety:

NDTV reported that the puppy was stuck in the ditch for two days. After Raj found the dog, he went to his lab to rig a drone with an AI-controlled robotic arm and a retractable neck harness to provide extra support. His last-minute setup also included a heartbeat sensor installed to monitor the dog’s health. It took him six hours to create the life-saving drone.

“The AI helped me monitor the animal’s heart rate, If the grip was too tight, the pup would suffocate,” said Raj in an NDTV article.

Similar to how claw cranes are used in arcades, Raj’s drone was used to clamp onto the puppy. Once attached to the drone, the dog was safely pulled out of the ditch and placed on pavement across the street.


Video snippet shows Raj using the custom drone to bring the dog to safety.

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