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Lume Cube can light up sky with your drone




lume cube

Drone light prices

Lume Cube can be attached to a drone with a mount. It’s a cheaper alternative to other powerful custom drone lights. For $179.99, you can get two Lume Cubes and two mounts for the DJI Phantom 4, Inspire, Mavic, Yuneec Typhoon H, Autel X-Star or the GoPro Karma.The lighting kit for the DJI Mavic is available for pre-order, but shipping is estimated to start later this month. Normally one light runs for $79.99, so you can get two lights and the mounts for a discounted price if you buy it as a package. If you already have two lights, then you can just buy the mounts for $39.99.

Lume Cube


The possibilities to create one-of-a-kind photos and videos are nearly endless with help from a portable light source. You can do drone light painting by shooting long exposure shots. When you combine Lume Cubes with a drone that can hover in a fixed position, then you got yourself a mobile lighting studio. Besides photography and film, it may even help search and rescue missions at night. With multiple UAVs, you can even do your own drone light show.


The FAA still prohibits night flights, so get their approval first. If you’re looking to just fly without getting FAA permission, then you can legally fly with Lume Cubes 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset.

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