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Leaked Mavic Enterprise photos suggests DJI is moving towards modular consumer drones!




The Mavic Enterprise can be seen with new types of payloads. The first picture has a speaker-like payload with a honeycomb design. Its function is still unknown, but the payload must be light enough for a balanced flight.

Photo credit: OsitaLV.

In the second picture, the Mavic Enterprise can be seen with a sensor or light of some sort. As far as functionality, it is still unknown, but whatever DJI has in store definitely has to do with modularity.

Mavic Enterprise

Photo credit: OsitaLV.


If these leaked photos show genuine prototypes, then DJI is moving towards consumer drones with modular systems. Another drone company called GDU created a modular drone back in 2017, but simpler, travel-friendly quadcopters like the DJI Spark trended, resulting in a lower demand for drones with interchangeable payloads. If DJI can successfully set the trend for modular consumer drones, then this could mean more competition from other companies who’ve had experience designing drones with swappable payloads.

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