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Leaked Mavic Enterprise photos suggests DJI is moving towards modular consumer drones!




Two photos of a new DJI Mavic with an interchangeable top payload system were posted on Twitter by OsitaLV. If the recently leaked Mavic 2 picture wasn’t enough to stir controversy, how about these images of an allegedly new Mavic model called Mavic Enterprise?

Mavic Enterprise

Snapshot of OsitaLV’s Mavic Enterprise post.

Only the leaked images have surfaced, so there has yet to be any information regarding the new drones’ specs. Judging by the pictures, the Mavic Enterprise is designed with a payload system that can easily be swapped thanks to thumb screws, which are commonly used in PC towers to remove tempered glass.

Mavic 2 & Mavic Enterprise

Compared to the alleged Mavic 2 picture, the Mavic Enterprise picture shows a drone with red stripes and a camera that looks similar to a DJI Phantom 4 series camera. Since the leaked pictures show more than one new Mavic, DJI will most likely release variants of a Mavic 2 quadcopter.

Photo credit: Kanzhaji. The alleged Mavic 2 is equipped with a GoPro Hero5 Session-like camera

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