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Leaked manual reveals Spark-like quadcopter from Yi Technology




Yi Technology

Yi Technology

Yi Technology keeps their prices low

Details such as flight time and price weren’t mentioned with the leak, but Yi Technology has a tendency to competitively price their products. Being that the Spark retails for around $399, the Yi Pixie might range somewhere around $200-$300.

Yi Technology

Snippet of the alleged Yi Pixie manual shows the controller interface.

Wait a minute

As convincing as the leaked manual seems, there is still room for error. Yi has yet to officially release the long-awaited tricopter they called Yi Erida. The tricopter was designed with a startup company called Atlas Dynamics, and it was supposed to be the consumer drone to lookout for since it boasted a 40-minute flight time and a nearly 80 mph top speed. Yi Technology even made an official video trailer, which was basically a promise that their product was in fact real. Before this leaked manual gains the same kind of hype as the Yi Erida, just remember that there is still a possibility that this drone may never actually launch.

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