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Leaked manual reveals Spark-like quadcopter from Yi Technology




Yi Technology

Yi’s action cameras have been known to give GoPro products a run for their money, but it was their announcement last year at around the time of CES 2017 that caught the attention of droners when they revealed a tricopter unlike any consumer drone available. Fast forward a little over a year, and the hyped tricopter is still unavailable. Even though the tricopter was never released, a recently leaked drone manual shows that Yi may still be in the drone game. The manual is allegedly from Yi Technology, and it shows a palm-sized quadcopter shaped similarly to a DJI Spark. Photo Rumors included a download link of the manual, and apparently, this Spark-sized quadcopter sports 4K!

Yi Technology


The leaked manual revealed the name of the new 300-gram quadcopter: Yi Pixie. The new drone is similarly built and shaped like the Spark, but it has a 13 MP camera that can also shoot 4K videos. Even though the manual doesn’t say anything about a gimbal, the camera angle can be adjusted to 0 degree, -25 degrees, -40 degrees and -90 degrees. It’ll also be equipped with a tracking feature thanks to its ability to recognize human faces. Besides GPS, Pixie is also made with optical flow and sonar sensors for precise positioning. The new drone is beginner friendly too; one tap of the screen can automatically take off or return the drone.

Yi Technology

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