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Leaked DJI Trailers Confirms a New Zenmuse X7 Camera!




X7 camera

DJI released two new trailers for October 11, 2017, but this time, they are real trailers for tomorrow’s product announcement. These trailers were shortly taken down by DJI, but YouTubers uploaded backups of the long awaited product. We Talk UAV speculated that a new camera was going to be announced based on DJI’s Reflection teaser trailer. Now, the latest videos have confirmed the product to be a Zenmuse X7. The first trailer was re-uploaded by a YouTuber named YOE VLOG.

Zenmuse X7 Trailer #1

The leaked picture and the speculations of a new camera have all been accurate, and DJI’s new trailer is consistent with the teaser trailer. DJI’s Reflection teaser trailer had a scene were the cars crossed paths from a bird’s-eye view, and the leaked trailer that YOE VLOG re-uploaded showed those same cars featured in the video. The beginning of the first trailer showed scenes from a mountain road in Italy called Stevlio Pass, and underneath that caption, the words “Aerials Shot on Zenmuse X7” were found.

Zenmuse X7

Zenmuse X7 Trailer #2

Since DJI kept on taking down their trailer, the second trailer was re-uploaded by a YouTuber named Steve Booth. This trailer has consistent scenes as DJI’s Reflection teaser trailer. The orchestra scene and the biker scene in this video were also originally found in DJI’s teaser trailer. The scenes in this video showed diverse shots in the day and in the dark. The Zenmuse X7 has been depicted to have exceptional low-light capabilities. At the end of this trailer, the words “Zenmuse X7 Cinematic Vision Rising” can be seen as a confirmation for tomorrow’s product announcement.

DJI’s Announcement

The official product announcement is still scheduled for 5 p.m. PST on October 11, 2017. Based on the leaked trailers, DJI’s new product is going to be a new Zenmuse X7 for the Inspire 2 drone!


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